My 5 Go-To Social Media Blogs

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The one thing I love more than anything about being a social media marketer is that you never stop learning. Things change so fast in social media that you can’t afford to stand still and keep doing the same things over and over again. Even if they’ve worked in the past – or are still working – there will come a time when they won’t.

It is absolutely vital to keep up with the latest trends, the latest innovations, the latest thinking and the latest strategies if you yourself are going to continue to be successful.

One resource I use – probably more than any other – is blogs. There are many, many blogs out there dedicated to social media (including this one) and it can be difficult to find the best ones that produce consistently good coverage and advice. After so many years doing what I do I believe I’ve narrowed it down.

The following five blogs always produce high quality, consistently useful posts that I can use to further my education in social media marketing and help me produce strong results for my clients. They are also very accessible – I’d recommend them to business owners and other marketing types looking to get a handle on how to do social media marketing effectively.

In no particular order then…

Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner combines the latest news from the social networks with a wealth of guides, how-tos and best practice articles in such a way that it seems almost fun to read them. Not only that, every Friday at 4pm (UK time) they host a Facebook Live broadcast that discusses the week’s social media news – with guests. I can’t recommend adding this one to your bookmarks enough.

 Social Media Today

Social Media Today offers less in the way of guides and how-tos than SME but instead focuses on the latest news, offering opinion from key influencers in the industry. That’s not to say there aren’t any advice based articles, there are plenty, it’s just not the focus. It’s a little more highbrow is how I’d put it, I think!


Buffer is a social media management tool used by marketers around the world, but they also write a very good social media marketing blog. The focus is very much on advice – nearly all their articles provide something any marketer or business owner can put into practice immediately after reading. If you’re stuck for inspiration, the Buffer Social blog is the place to go to find it. One word of warning though – they’re quite strong on the sales front in most articles. Which is fair enough, but does detract somewhat from what otherwise is a class read.

Sue B. Zimmerman

If it’s Instagram marketing tips you’re after then look no further than Sue B. Zimmerman’s blog. It’s packed, I mean PACKED with superb advice from one of the industry’s leading Instagram marketers. That Sue gives so much away from her vast knowledge for free on her blog is truly wonderful. Of course, she flogs her training courses – but not on the blog! She’s also a regular speaker at social media marketing events. A REAL Instagram expert and highly recommended.


For general social media marketing tips and advice Agorapulse’s blog is very good indeed. The company provides social media management software and as such they know their stuff. While I wouldn’t say it’s my first stop when I’m looking for information and advice I visit often enough for it to make this list and I’m never disappointed when I do. The articles range from broad advice to very specific ideas so it’s very accessible to marketers and businesses alike and, like the Buffer blog, is definitely one you should bookmark today.

BONUS: Jeff Bullas

Jeff isn’t focused on social media marketing, he covers a much broader array of internet marketing topics. I discovered Jeff’s blog while researching Facebook advertising techniques and I was blown away by his knowledge on the subject – and many others. When I’m stuck for ideas now Jeff is where I go first these days, whatever the internet marketing subject.

Do you have any go-to social media marketing blogs you can share with me and other readers? Pop them in the comments or Tweet GNGR with them – I’ll make sure I check them out.

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