GNGR was founded in August 2014 as a digital marketing agency by Ben Greenwood but has since evolved to be a resource for all digital marketers, everywhere. 

Ben himself has almost 20 years of marketing experience in a variety of areas including SEO, social media marketing, copywriting, content marketing, website management, email marketing and public relations and advertising.

I want to offer my knowledge and experience to help anyone involved in digital marketing, providing a resource from which marketers can pull information that will help them do what they better. 

Personally, I’m passionate about online marketing and helping businesses grow, always learning, always experimenting and always looking for new opportunities. I want to pass on what I learn to aid not only marketers, but businesses of all sizes too. 

That’s what GNGR – and myself – is all about. 

I’ve worked for a number of different businesses in a range of industries over the years, providing hands on digital marketing and driving them to reach new heights. You can read about some of the projects I’ve been involved in right here.

Ben Greenwood

Ben Greenwood

GNGR founder Ben Greenwood.


Ben is ginger. His wife is ginger. His son is ginger. Hence, GNGR. Simple, really!

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