Facebook. Your new recruitment agent?

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Facebook is experimenting with allowing Business Pages to advertise jobs on the platform. It’s currently only available to North American businesses but I can’t see it proving a failure so should soon be available in the UK and across Europe. It’s Zuckerberg’s shot across the bows of LinkedIn and an attempt to pull in more revenue from businesses, no doubt, but it could prove very useful to businesses looking to recruit nonetheless.

First though, when it launches over here, this is how you’d use it.

How to create a job post on Facebook

Where you’d normally post on your page there will be an additional button alongside the ones in the image below, titled “Create a job post” (it’ll have a briefcase on it if it stays the same as the US). Click this to start your job post.

Facebook Live on Desktop - Pages

Job description

You’ll now see a screen giving you the opportunity to configure your job post. It includes:

  • Job Title (required)
  • Location (required)
  • Salary (optional)
  • Job Type (required)
  • Details aka Job Description (required)
  • An accompanying image (which can be your Page cover photo)

You also get the opportunity to ask additional, custom questions to find out more about people who apply.

Publish and promote

Once you click publish your job post will be live and accessible from the Jobs tab down the left hand side of your Page. So anyone visiting your page can look through the vacancies you have.

However, that’s not going to get you many applications unless you have a very active page. Fortunately, you can use Facebook’s comprehensive targeting tools to promote your job post as an advert – just as you would a standard Page post. If, for example, you were advertising a graphic design position in Manchester, you would create your target audience accordingly. Immensely powerful.

All applications are sent to your Business Page via Messages, so they are completely private.

Benefits to businesses

The first and most obvious benefit to businesses to advertising jobs on Facebook is the sheer reach of the platform. The second is the cost – it should work out significantly cheaper to advertise your job on Facebook than it would LinkedIn and certainly cheaper than a recruitment agent. By several thousand pounds!

In addition, much like any job site, people looking for work can visit https://www.facebook.com/jobs to browse all available jobs by keyword, location and other criteria. That has some significant power if it takes off.


Social Media Today have been experimenting with the feature and say this:

First off, the UX for publishing a Jobs post is, frankly, awful.

For example, here’s a new content marketing position I’m adding:

What Facebook’s New “Jobs” Feature Means for Marketers: A Recruiter’s Perspective | Social Media Today

There’s no obvious way to format the job description in a more coherent manner. Notice that in the preview, it’s all mushed into an incoherent wall of text. Line breaks don’t work.

There may be a workaround for this – cutting and pasting from another plain text format or including code qualifiers – but for the general user, the presentation is not optimal.

Worse yet, once your new job posting is published, there’s no way to edit information about the job itself, only the accompanying “Introductory Copy”. If you make a mistake, you have to delete the post and start again from scratch.

Furthermore, there’s no enforceable gateway to apply. Anyone who sees the post can click the Apply button and submit an application – you don’t even have to include your real name or contact information. And there’s no option to attach a resume or similar document.

Ultimately, this function holds a lot of promise. But it needs some polish if Facebook wants to unseat LinkedIn as the social network connection for job seekers and employers.

Given these drawbacks it could be that businesses hold off on the option until these wrinkles are ironed out, but the potential is there.

Personally speaking I think the benefits outweigh the downsides, certainly in terms of cost, though I would have to see how time consuming it would be combing through applications given the lack of a CV and gateway.

What do you think? Will you use Facebook to advertise your vacancies when the option becomes available in the UK?

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