The Internet – LIVE and in REAL TIME!

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If you’ve ever wondered how many Likes are given on Facebook each second, or how many Tweets there are per second or views there are on YouTube every second…well, then you’re a little bit sad. Not only that, you’re very much like me. Sorry to break it to you like that!

The point is, you can wonder know more, because I’ve found a handy little tool that tells you what is happening on the internet in real time. It covers the usual names – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube – but also does a real time count of things like Dropbox file shares, Uber rides, eBay searches and Amazon revenue (that last one is MIND BLOWING!).

Let me give you some examples. This is what happens in just ONE HOUR on the Internet (and I’m only responsible for like a quarter of it, honest!):

  • 249,998,400 Facebook Likes
  • 26,107,200 Tweets
  • 6,001,200 Dropbox files shared
  • 43,200 Airbnb bookings
  • 82,800 Uber rides
  • 186,001,200 Google searches
  • 1 BILLION WhatsApp messages sent
  • $12,215,736 Amazon revenue

Check it out at – it’s really interesting stuff and you can view it in real time or just look at the numbers for an hour, a day or a month. Share it around too!

Please share this around: