How to Use Instagram Slideshows for Business

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In a welcome move Instagram recently updated the app with the ability to add up to 10 photos or videos to a single post, instead of just one per post. It increases the potential of the platform for marketing quite a lot.

When you open Instagram on your phone or tablet you will now see an icon in the bottom right corner of the image when you go to create a new post. If you’re on Android it looks like the image below. On iOS it’s just the overlapping squares and it’s blue.

Instagram Slideshow

Tap that and you can now add more images. Some things to note:

  • The order you tap your images/videos is the order they will be posted
  • All images/videos will be resized to square
  • Click next to apply a filter – it will apply to all images, but you can edit the individual images afterwards
  • Click next to write your caption, which will apply to the whole slideshow
  • You can tag individual accounts in each image/video if you want to

So that’s HOW it’s done – what can you use Instagram Slideshows for? Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

Showcase product ranges

Because you have the option of up to 10 images, which is quite generous, you can show off related products in one single post, saving both you and your Instagram followers time. Having a bunch of related images in one slideshow also increases the likelihood of getting that vital clickthrough – my tip here would be to change the link in your bio to the matching product category on your website and include that info in your caption (ie, “Link to all these wonderful products in bio”).

Blog post round up

If you’re a prolific blogger, you could use Instagram Slideshows to round up that week’s or month’s blog posts. Up to 10 enticing images overlaid with the post title, a well crafted caption and the link to your blog in your bio and you’re good to go!

How-to instructions/guides

With 10 images available, it’s quite easier to visually show someone how to do something, with an overlaid caption. For example, if you’re in the plumbing supplies business you could show someone how to change a washer on a tap in 10 easy steps, highlighting any related products you sell in the process.

You could even show someone how to use Instagram Slideshows in an Instagram Slideshow! The only limit here is your imagination.

Event story lines

If you attend events such as trade shows, exhibitions or you host them yourself, Instagram Slideshows are a great way to tell the story. Because you can mix images with video you can create a really interesting which can be used to recap an event or even promote a new one, highlighting the success and benefits of the last one.

Let’s say you have a seminar coming up which is similar to some you’ve hosted before. Using images and video of the last one, you can use Instagram Slideshows to show the best bits and promote the new one in your caption – with a link in the bio to your booking page, of course!

Sneak peaks

Ideal for upcoming product launches, Instagram Slideshows can be used to tease your new product, showing images or close ups of the product that don’t give too much away or videos of production taking place. This can build a buzz amongst your customers and followers ahead of the big launch and generate conversation around not only the product but your brand too.

Audio-visual presentations

Instagram limits videos – whether recorded live or uploaded – to 60 seconds. But now you can string 10 videos together in a single slideshow you could use this to give up to a 10 minute video presentation. Each snippet of the presentation may only be one minute long, but it allows your followers to watch a full presentation or just watch the ones relevant to them. Of course, you’ll have to craft your video carefully to get the most out of it, but the potential is there.

I would recommend recording each minute separately as it’s likely to result in a more coherent presentation when viewed on Instagram – better than recording a full 10 minutes and then trying to cut it up into 60 second segments in a video editor!

That’s just a few ideas for you – what creative uses for Instagram Slideshows do you have that can help with your marketing?


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